This is why the belly feels bloated all the time, but you can fix it overnight

There is one bacteria that is transmitted to humans through some food that is contaminated and water-helicobacter pyloris bacteria. This bacteria can make severe belly infections if not treated. Such belly issues are made by the H pylori and these issues include gastritis, diarrhea, belly cancer, bloating, peptic ulcer.

This is not easy to spot and if you have it, there must be diagnosis by a doctor.

Self examination

You can also have an idea of this bacteria if you have some signs like upper and midbelly discomfort, esophagus reflux, burping, diarrhea, heartburns, constipation, bloating, flatulence and more. We all ignore them since we think this is normal. You need to pay more attention from now on.

  1. Pylori makes gastritis0 if there is inflammation in the lining of belly walls, you might have gastritis. This goes for over 80% gastric ulcer issues and 90% duodenal ulcer. The cause is pylori.
  2. Other concerns about h. pylori- other issues arise too and you have to know them better like migraine, headache, heart issues, Raynaud disease of poor blood flow to feet and hands. Also this bacteria lowers the brain’s serotonin and thus there is anxiety, depression, fear and more.


How is this bacteria transmitted?

As we said, this is through contaminated water and foods. Contamination we talk about is human fecal matter from infected person. Also exposure to saliva or vomit of an infected person. When the bacteria enters your body, it spreads in the belly and makes havoc.



The good part is that this is cured well in over 80% cases. But, time is vital and start sooner. Visit the doctor right away and get a cocktail of antibiotics for the belly acids and this takes a few weeks. To keep the belly healthy, eat healthy foods with zinc, vitamin A, C, E and probiotics like lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Also have good hygiene, wash hands with soap often, dry them with clean towels and careful where you eat meals outside.

Remedy for bloated belly from this bacteria

Treat yourself from this with simple DIY cure.

You need:

1 tbsp grated ginger

1 lemon

Bunch cilantro or parsley

1 cucumber

1 btsp aloe juice

½ glass clean water



Method and use:

Wash all items well and chop the lemon, cucumber and parsley/cilantro. Add them to blender and blend to make smooth mix. Have this 2 times daily before breakfast and on empty belly at night.

Health benefits of the items

They all combat bloating and boost metabolism, also burn excess fat while you sleep.

Belly fat burning benefits of the items used

  1. Cilantro or parsley– they have minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. They remove bloating and water retention. Low in calories and healthy.
  2. Cucumber– this veggie burns fat and sheds weight.
  3. Ginger– this fights constipation and bloating. As you sleep, ginger burns the belly fat and leaves you fit in shape.
  4. Aloe juice– this removes excess fat.
  5. Lemon juice– this is great for a detox of the body and balancing the pH.

Water– lots of water will shed toxins of you and speed up the metabolism as well as hydration. Water keeps organs healthy and kidney and liver too. Skin will be healthy smooth, fresh, toned and opt for 8 glasses daily.


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