An item destroying cancer 10 times better than chemo

There is one fruit named graviola or guyabano or sour sop tree and can kill cancer. It is 10.000 times better than chemo.

Why is this unknown? Because big firms never want to lose money and want profit from medicines.

This juice can be consumed, it is healthy and the taste is plain. If you have yard or garden, plant it.

Sadly, billions died of cancer even with such medicines that are hidden by greedy people.

This tree is named graviola and is from Brazil, in English is named soursop and Spanish is guanabana. It is low tree and the fruits are big. The pulp is white and sweet, perfect for juices, sherbet and such.

This plant kills cancer and gives many benefits. Also cures other issues and even tumors. It cures almost all cancers.


This tree is also good for killing microbes and fungi, bacteria and parasites or worms. It can even cure depression, stress, anxiety, hypertension.

This plant is of the deep forests of Amazon and has changed millions of lives for those with cancer.

Studies for this plant are used for:

  • Deadly infections for immunity
  • Cancer cells not responding to therapy with hair loss, weight loss, nausea)
  • Better mood and more energy
  • Strength and health

This info comes from the largest drug corporation in America. This fruit was studied since the 70s and also we know:

  • Removal and killing of malignant cells in 12 cancer types (breast, colon, prostate, lungs, pancreas)
  • The 3 items are 10.000 times better than chemo drug Adriamycin

Chemo kills healthy cells too and this tree just the sick ones’many parts of this tree (bark, leaves, fruit, roots, seeds) are used  in medicine in South America for arthritis, asthma, heart issues, liver issues and more. Even the wealthiest people or drug makers of USA, made study where they said this graviola indeed kills cancer.

These drugs makers spent all 7 years for this cancer study and this plant. If they manage to make something like graviola, why not patent it? still, profit cannot be made back from the study.

Their goal was dismissed and they did not make this public.

But, one of the team experts risked his career and gathered medicine plants of the Amazon rainforests.

When experts were warned on this graviola tree they got more excited to examine it

Back in 1976, the National Center Institute made the first study on this matter and the result was that graviola is amazing for removal of cancer cells. This was published in just a few studies and the rest of people do not know this.

Graviola is abd for cancer ever since 1976 and even 20 med tests said this. This was even in a Journal of Natural Products and was mentioned in Catholic University of South Korea. There was said graviola kills colon cancer 10000 times more than chemo. And it kills just sick cells.

The last study was in Purdue University and said Graviola leaves can kill cancer in lungs, pancreas and prostate.


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