The best benefits of aloe vera – save money and avoid chemicals and drugs

Aloe is easy to be grown at home and in the yard. Just needs water and fertilization once in a while. You can plant this at home and use it as medicine. Just open a leaf and get its gel.

In health stores you can buy the gel, but it also has some chemicals and costs a lot. The home one is cheap and all natural. Get bigger leaves for more gel.


The 9 benefits of topical use:

Less eczema and acne

Soothed burns

Calmed rash and boils

No itch from bug bites

Moisturized skin

Less wrinkles

Healed wounds

Shaving gel use

Hair conditioner


The 9 benefits of oral use of aloe gel:

better immunity

less heartburn and indigestion

less bloating, IBS, colitis, upset belly

stable blood glucose

healthy gums

less inflammation and arthritis

better heart beat and blood flow

healthy urinary tract

boosted white blood cell levels


This plant comes from North Africa and the first proof of it for medicine is in Egypt for the papyrus and ebers use, so they even had 12 recipes for aloe medicinal use. Ever since, this plant is used everywhere for health issues, both internal and external.

Avoid chemicals and pharma items. Get aloe instead!


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