Food as medicine- the best natural 20 painkillers of the kitchen

We all know for health and mental balance is known the secret. Eating grains, whole foods, no sugars and soda and workouts every day.

Sadly a lot of people eat more fast foods every day and markets are all loaded with packed and semi done foods, not nutritious. We all eat mainly corn foods, wheat, rye and soy.

You have to change this and eat more medicinal food. This can be medicine so choose carefully.

The list:

  1. Ginger and muscle pain – Danish study said ginger daily can reduce the pain in muscles and joints. This also remove stiffness and swelling for 63% due to the gingerols and pain hormones. Get dry ginger 1 tsp for 2 days.
  2. Cloves and tooth pain– UCLA experts say to chew clove soothes gums and teeth. Due to the eugenol this is anesthetic. Add ¼ tsp cloves and regulate sugar in blood, cholesterol and more.
  3. ACV and heartburn– sip Acv 1 tbsp and 8 oz water before eating. Heartburn will be gone after a day. Joseph Brasco MD, expert of gastro of Colon and Digestive Diseases Center, Huntsville, said ACV has tartaric and malic acid for digestion and fat breakdown and proteins of the gut too, or before food passes in the esophagus – this makes pain.
  4. Garlic and ear pain– for this use 2 drops warm garlic oil for the ear. Do this daily for 5 days. New Mexico University experts said this works better than drugs and kills bacteria and pain due to the sulfur and selenium. For garlic oil, simmer a few cloves, ½ tbsp. olive oil for 2 min and then put this in fridge for 2 weeks.
  5. Joint pain, headache and cherries– the gout, arthritis and headache are most seen pains on average. For this eat bowl of cherries every day for the antocyanins and no inflammation. They work better than Ibuprofen and Aspirin by 10 times. The prof. PhD. Of food science University Michigan, Nair Muraleedharan said these items shut the enzymes and lock them before inflammation happens.
  6. Belly pain and fish– the IBS, IBD and indigestion can be cured with 18 oz fish weekly. For better outcome, eat herring, sardines, salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel. The biology chemist, Barry Sears, PhD, president in Inflammation Research Foundation Marblehead, MA, claimed that DHA and EPA are the best agents for inflammation and side effects. Fish stop cramps and gut pain or inflammation.
  7. PMS and yoghurt– almost 80% of all females have bad PMS, said Yale stats. This is because the nervous system has sensitivity and spikes up and downs from estrogen are seen, but from progesterone too. New York Columbia University teams said 2 yoghurt cups daily eases PMS for 48%. This beverage has calcium, the mineral for calm nerves and no pain of hormones, said MD of gynecology Mary Jane Minkin, Yale University.
  8. Chronic aches and turmeric– science said this herb is even 3 times better than Ibuprofen or Aspirin, naproxen and other painkillers. Experts of Cornell say this eases the pain by 50% for fibromyalgia. The curcuma is an active item and locks pain enzymes and hormones. Get ¼ tsp of this daily with poultry, meat, veggies, rice and such.
  9. Endometrial pain and oats – endometriosis is uterine lining with pain inside the uterus. This goes with cramps too and heavy periods, so oats might resolve this pain by whole 60%. The prof. and MD of medicine, University Colombia, Peter Green, said oats contain no gluten, inflammation agent.
  10. Foot pain and salt– the ingrown nails can be soaked in salt water for removal of feet infections after 4 days. Salt removes bacteria, germs, inflammation and such. Mix 1 tsp salt with water a cup and soak feet for 20 min.
  11. Digestion issues and pineapple– the Stanford California University experts claimed 1 cup fresh pineapple juice removes bloating in 3 days. This fruit has enzymes for speedy protein work in the gut and intestines.
  12. Soreness in muscles and mint– if untreated, knots might last for months. The naturopath ND, Mark Stengler, also  author of The natural physician’s healing therapies” claimed muscles are relaxed with soaking in warm water with 10 drops mint oil. And cramps are reduced by 25% stronger than painkillers.
  13. Back TLC and grape– studies of University Ohio said a cup grapes daily relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow to damaged tissues. The flow is better and heals damage of back tissues since that vertebrae depends on blood vessels for getting oxygen and nutrients.
  14. Leg cramping and tomato juice– this is common and can be really harsh painful. The cause is potassium deficit, diuretics or some workouts. For better recovery get 10 oz of the juice daily.
  15. Migraine and coffee– the National Headache Foundation claimed coffee speeds healing here by 40%.
  16. Breast pains and flax– a study claimed that 3 tbsp ground flax removes soreness in breasts after 3 months. This has phytoestrogens for no estrogen spikes that cause the pain. For best results, sprinkle this on oatmeal, yoghurt, veggie dips, smoothies and such.
  17. Mouth sore and honey– Dubai Medical Center, United Arab Emirates experts said honey for cold sores can be dabbed 4 times daily and heal them faster for 43% than regularly. Honey’s enzymes kill inflammation, viruses and make healing better.
  18. Bladder infections and blueberries– New Jersey experts Rutgers University said 1 cup of this can lower the UTIs for 60%. It contains tannins for targeting bacteria and stopping infections.
  19. Sinus issues and horseradish– this makes facial pain and congestion. Horseradish improves blood flow and drains sinuses easier. The optimal dose is 1 tsp, every day 2 times.
  20. Injury pain and water– 8 oz glasses water every day resolves this. Experts claim water flushes the pain and cleans tissues. Also it blocks the cartilage of the bone end, lubricating liquids of joints and spine soft discs too, said PhD, Susan M. Kleiner, author of The good mood diet. In case of good hydration, tissues move and glide easy.








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