This recipe can clear lungs from toxins in 3 days – good for those smoking over 5 years

Smoking is bad and we all know this. It is even written on every pack. Health experts all say that over 1 billion in the world smoke and 5 million die from smoking causes as World Health Organization claimed. One person dies every 6 seconds.

Both non smokers and smokers have damaged lungs from the smoke, but smokers suffer more. First, stop to clean the lungs. The recipe is simple for making.


Experts say smokers for over 5 years often have bronchitis.

You need:

2 tsp turmeric

Ginger root

400 g brown sugar

400 g clean onions

1 liter water



In a pot, let water boil and the sugar must melt. Add the ginger and onion grated beforehand. When this boils, lower heat and let this cool. Put it in the fridge.


Have this before breakfast and before sleep, after 2 hours of the meal.

For better results, also have workouts.

If you can also have baths of 20 minutes. This way all toxins will remove the body, and try to inhale some eucalyptus too.


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