The best natural antibiotic that removes any infection and parasites

Many illnesses and epidemics existed and took many lives in ancient times. People have sought for many cures to fight such issues, but here you can read more on the antibiotic that is the best so far.

This is a master cleanse tonic and is good for everyone that tried it. It is antibiotic and kills gram negative and positive bacteria.

Millions people tried it and swear by it. the secret is the good items used and fresh ingredients. It cures chronic issues and cleans the blood too. Makes blood flow better and kills viruses, fungi, makes better lymph flow too and removes candida.


It removes any bacteria and fungi and even plague and parasites along!

This tonic will make you healthier, remove any virus, fungi, bacteria and is medieval recipe for the immunity.

The master tonic recipe

When you make this remedy wear gloves since the items include hot peppers and might tingle the hands. This works up the sinuses and has a strong smell.

You need:

¼ cup garlic chopped

¼ cup onion chopped

2 tbsp turmeric or root of it

24 oz ACV

2 hot peppers

¼ cup grated ginger

2 tbsp grated horseradish




Mix all items together and leave the ACV last. Put the mix in mason jar and add the acv now to the top, so 2/3 of the jar has to be with dry items and the rest ACV. Close and shake. Keep in dark cold place for 14 days and not necessarily in the fridge. Shake the jar daily, few times daily.

After those 2 weeks, with a gauze strain this and squeeze well. Spice the meals with this and add olive oil too. Use this for salad dressing and stew. The dry mix can be made in many recipes.


Gargle shortly and swallow.

1 tbsp of this tonic daily is good for stronger immunity and no colds.

To keep the benefits, do not dilute it.

To get to know the taste, increase a bit every day and reach a small glass daily.

Have 1 tbsp 6 times daily for serious infections.

It is natural and with no toxins so is good for both kids and pregnant women.

It Is strong and hot in taste.

Eat lime, lemon or orange after the tonic to reduce burning and heat.


Nutritional values of the items used:

  1. ACV– this is made from ripe apples that are fermented and produce the vinegar. Even Hippocrates mentioned this, himself, the medicine father and he used ACV and honey all the time. Acv has potassium and lack of this makes slow growth, hair loss, brittle hair and nails, sinusitis and runny nose too. Use this mineral and detox well. ACV also has pectin, fiber for bad cholesterol removal and regular pressure. As years go by, people need more of this. ACV makes better food extraction of calcium and makes bones stronger. It also has malic acid for fungi and bacteria removal. This removes joint pain and removes uric acid. With Acv you lose weight easy too. It has beta carotene for free radical fighting too. This item is natural, cures arthritis, weak bones, hair loss, hypertension, indigestion, obesity, sore eyes, diarrhea, eczema, cholesterol, fatigue, headache, constipation, poisoning, and more.
  2. Chili pepper– best blood flow stimulant to fight microorganisms.
  3. Turmeric-the best spice with many benefits. It hinders cancer growth, kills parasites and removes inflammation and infections. It cures joint pain too.
  4. Horseradish– the best for lungs, sinuses, opening sinus channels, making better blood flow, curing flu and colds.
  5. Garlic– natural antibiotic with healing benefits for bacteria and makes more healthy bacteria at the same time. It kills parasites, fungi, antigens, pathogens and such. This with onion is amazing.
  6. Ginger– also makes better blood flow and removes inflammation.

Use this tonic for almost any health issues and be amazed by the health improvement.


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