Wifi is a silent killer!

In this modern lifestyle, we all use internet. This is so simple now with the wifi use and we use this anywhere, anytime, any spot…

For the safety, this is not good. All routers damage our health. Let us look more into the health facts linked to wifi.


This device is connected to a router and we have to know this when there are no cables. The wireless gadgets like tablets, laptops, cells emit WLANs or EMFs to the router. These signals are unhealthy and the British Health Agency said these signals are bad for animals and humans too.

The side effects of WiFi exposure:

Ear pain


Sleep issues

Focus issues




Still, we cannot change this all of a sudden. Do not avoid the internet, but at least reduce the side effects.

  • Disconnect wifi before sleeping
  • Router must be OUT of the bedroom or kitchen
  • At home use cable phones for less EMFs

Turn off wifi around kids

source: organichealthcorner.com

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