Remove side fat with these workouts

The flab on the sides we have is linked to overall fat, and the more we have of this, the more it is stored in the middle. Belly flab is annoying and unhealthy. Mayo Clinic said this makes more risk of heart issues, diabetes 2, stroke and cancer. Luckily, some workouts can remove this fat and improve your health.

The name for this fat is love handles but there is nothing lovely about it. the muscles under the fat are obliques. They rotate the torso and make movements there.

Reduce the fat there and also lose weight overall.


  1. Plank up downs– really easy for upper body and handles too. Tones the arms as well. Start like a plank, arms are straight and beneath shoulders. Pull abs and tighten the butt. Start on 1 arm and lower down like plank. Put the other arm after the one is down already. Get back to plank pose with one arm and core is tight.
  2. Side bridge– a good workout for the obliques and flab. Tighten these muscles and slim the waist. Lie on the right side on the mat. The upper body is supported on the right elbow, left hand is on hips, stack and extend legs. As you exhale, tighten muscles on the right belly side and lift hips off the floor. Pause and lower back down. Do 10-20 reps for the left side.
  3. Heel touch– lie down on the back, feet are flat down and arms on the sides. Crunch and raise the chest to the ceiling. Get the right heel with the right hand. Get the left with the left. Do 15 reps each.
  4. Around the world obliques- stand with legs apart on shoulder width, toes are outward, tailbone tucked. With light weight of 5 lbs in hands or a pillow, be anchored, extend arms and go above the head. It must feel like a stretch, said Stokes. Bend from the hips and reach to the right side, hips and shoulders too. When you can’t go more, rotate down. Twist the body forward, exhale and back to center.

Standing trunk twist– stand with knees bent, feet are shoulder width. Arms are in front of you. Palms are not facing and pretend to push something. Twist the torso until the face and hands are opposite turned. Twist to the left. Arms are punching the air.


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