The best DIY recipe for repelling bugs, mosquitoes and cockroaches, and leaving them dead fast

Our eco system is full of many species, some in the homes, some far away. But those in the home bug us all the time. Like cockroaches and mosquitoes.

These pests are seen anywhere and annoy us. But they also are a big health risk for the body. They are dirty too, flies for example spend their time in bathrooms, feces and such!

Besides, these pests are hard for control and removal. No worries, we have the best remedy to kepe them away for good.

Many market items promise a lot and have no effect. They even have loads of chemicals bad for the health.

So try this natural and simple effective way.


You need:

½ cup vinegar

½ cup shampoo

½ cup veggie oil



Put them all in spray bottle and shake well, then put this where bugs go and they will be gone forever. Spray it all round the house and yard too and is not dangerous! It is even used on the skin both adults and kids.


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