Never again buy vitamin C and learn how to make it at home – 100%

Since we cannot make this vitamin we need to get it from outside sources like supplements or pills. As we are aware the food we eat is mainly GMO and we lack this vitamin a lot.

To avoid risky vitamins, make your own C supplement at home.

The DIY C has enzymes, and makes 100% assimilation inside. No more FDA dosages. You just need citrus peel.

Citrus is rich in flavonoids, items that show antioxidant benefits, also narginin an antioxidant, and flavonoids in the peel of this fruit, lemons and mandarins too. Studies showed thatnarginin removes damage of radiation in cells. Hesperidin is another flavonoid this is in the white layer of lemons, oranges, lime, grapefruit. This stops cancer growth, makes apoptosis, and cures hypoglycemia.


How to make this supplement?

Always get fresh organic fruits. Eat the fruit, keep the peels. From them you will make dry powder of citrus.

Take the peels and dehydrate them. This is with 100 F for 24 hours, until crispy or dry. Remove dry peels in blender and grind to make them powdery. Put this in container and keep in cold dark place.

As far as the fruit goes, it has vitamins, minerals, so 1 tbsp lemon peel has 2 times more C and 3 times more fiber than the lemon wedges.

The a spoon of this daily. Add it in salads, soups, juices, smoothies any food!

Immunity will kick jump start!


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