An amazing hit – flourless bread you must make and try. Recipe included

No doubt bread is the versatile favorite food in the world. If you can’t eat a meal with no bread, know that bread has to be avoided, even though tasty since it has impact on the health.

No, don’t avoid all breads, but eat the healthy ones, some with no gluten and antinutrients, or phytic acid. Flour is processed with even 60 chemicals FDA approved like bleach.


So, we suggest a recipe with no flour and bread in the end! It has just natural items, B vitamins, fiber, protein, it is cheap and simple to make!

No flour bread recipe

You need:

4 eggs

90 g sesame seeds

90 g sunflower seeds

90 g walnuts

90 g pumpkin seeds

90 g flaxseed

½ tsp baking soda

100 ml water





Whisk the egg and salt, add water and baking soda. All seeds must be powder form by now, add them and mix again.

Bake this bread for 50 min and 180 C or 350 F, and enjoy!

See the video below for more info.


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