Eat 6 roasted garlic cloves and heal yourself in 24 hours

Garlic is the best small veggie and a natural medicine too. Also it is medicinal and used for many aims everywhere.

Usually was used for lowering cholesterol, pressure, heart issues, making blood flow and also preventing heart attacks.


Eating garlic means less LDL cholesterol, no angiotensin II hormone and relaxed vessels.

Garlic can heal you in 24 hours.Experts say that 6 roasted cloves daily have these effects:

  • 1st hour– digested and feeding you
  • 2-4 hours-kills cancer cells and stops free radical damage
  • 4-6 hours– metabolism recognizes the good stuff an removes excess fluids and fat
  • 6-7 hour– it kills bacteria inside
  • 6-10 hour– all garlic nutrients work on cell levels and you are still not all safe from oxidation

10-24 hours-you go into deep cleanse like: better immunity, better bones, lower blood pressure, boosted health of cells, no fatigue, less cholesterol, less heart issues, less heavy metals inside the body, better stamina and performance.


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