The lemon and coconut oil mix makes grey hair dark again

Grey hairs are bad for many women since this is the first aging sign. They try to mask this with many hair dyes. They have effect but it lasts shortly and leaves side effects.

Grey hairs are triggered by many causes like health or diets. Cosmetic uses also, hormone changes, pollution, smoking, stress, bad haircare, chronic colds, sinusitis, thyroid issues. And also low melanin levels.


Instead of harsh chemicals, try natural instead. The best thing is always a healthy diet first. This natural cure is only of  items.

Lemon and coconut oil mix

You need:

Coconut oil

3 tsp lemon juice



Mix the items until you make a paste. apply this on the scalp and massage. Let this act for an hour and shampoo it, do it weekly.

Is it and why so beneficial?

The  items are versatile and amazing. Coconut kills microbes and has lauric acid and medium chain fats for the hair. So it nourishes scalp, makes hair growth, makes hair stronger, removes hair damage and stops greying. Also removes dandruff too.

Lemon stops early greying since it has vitamin C and B and phosphorus too.


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