Grow a lemon tree from seeds in your home

Some fruits are easy to grow and luckily, the best one can be in your yard. See these tips for growing lemons.

If you grow them by yourself you can feel the taste difference and quality too so be free from chemicals and organic fruits.

Whether adding them in water or use the peels, this is a must!

We advise you to buy baby tree 2-3 years for best lemons. Get plastic or clay pot with bottom holes and larger than the root of baby tree. When the tree grows it needs pot of 12-15 inch depth and 17-20 inch diameter. Get It in the pot, add drainage to make better air flow. Fill it up with soil and some soils are specific for citrus fruits so they give better results.


This is all you need. Give 8-10 hours sun every day and water regular. Lemons need 6-9 months to ripen with full color.

Or grow them from seed.

To grow the lemon tree, you need:

  • Organic lemon are best and the others have no germinating seeds
  • Fertile pot soil with peat, perlite, vermiculite, fertilizers natural
  • Pot 6 inch wide and 6 deep
  • Pot 24 inches wide and 12 deep
  • Sunny outdoor spot or a grow lamp

Follow such steps for the lemon tree:

  1. Moisten the pot soil to be damp, NOT soaked
  2. The smaller pot is filled with soil all way up but below rim
  3. Cut the lemon open and seed one seed. Remove pulp too of the surface. Just suck on it to be clean.
  4. Do not delay to plant. Seed must be moist when in the soil. Plant it ½ inch deep in the middle.
  5. Spray the soil above gently from spray water bottle.
  6. Cover the pot with plastic, seal all edges with rubber band, poke holes on top with pencil
  7. Put it under warm sunny spot
  8. Give water more soil must not be dry. Water must not puddle just give moisture.
  9. After 2 weeks sprout will be seen, remove the plastic now. For more light, use another light to replace sun.
  10. Good care for this plant, soil is damp and it must get 8 hours light daily and some good fertilizer.
  11. Watch for bugs or illnesses. Protect it!
  12. When it outgrows the pot, replace in another pot. Young plants need more water than older ones. Do not starve or overindulge it.

See the youtube video of master gardening  expert  Mitchell and he talks more on tricks for best lemon trees. There it is. Try it!


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