Prevent gout attacks at home and joints pain too!

The uric acid makes kidney failure, gout, arthritis, joints pain and the trigger is not yet specified. A doctor has to see this issue. It can become chronic if no treated and in the system. This leads to more inflammation and arthritis.

Gout Is metabolic issue from excess uric acid accumulated in feet as crystals.

It gives awful pain attack and chalkstone deposits. Some have pains, swelling fast. This is due to overload of uric acid and not proper waste removal of the body. Excess uric acid also does this. Everyone that had gout know and struggles with uric levels.


Hyperuricemia is seen in low percentages that will have gout. Bad kidney work makes bad disposal of uric acid. Crystals take place now and they pile near joints and inflame them.

Remove uric acid in many ways for more health benefits and health overall. Change life habits, diet habits and you start already. Eat organic produce also lean meat or fish. No sugars, alcohol, saturated fats too.

Also drink up WATER. This removes waste and toxins easier. Have it infused with fruits, sugarless juices and herb teas. The best tonics for gout:

  1. Baking soda for uric acid removal mix ½ baking soda in water cup daily. For instant relief, use a whole tsp.
  2. The lemon water makes alkalinity and prevents gout too. It affects the crystals and their making. Juice ½ lemon and add 20 mm water , warm, and sip this before breakfast.
  3. The ACV is the same as lemon and makes more removal of uric acid. Mix 1 tbsp ACV in 200 ml water to drink before meals. This prevent gout.
  4. Turmeric is high in curcuma for removal of inflammation and rental protection.
  5. The bromelain of pineapple removes inflammation and is analgesic.
  6. Flax seeds have many benefits for uric removal


Less stress, more healthy habits, workouts and discipline.


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