Take Watermelon Seeds And Boil Them: The Results Will Shock You. Recipe included.

This fruit is well known. We enjoy It in the summer, it rejuvenates and Its seeds are the healthiest more than the fruit itself. Usually we throw them but the seed have zinc, copper, phosphorus magnesium, potassium, vitamin D and thiamine, niacin and minerals/protein and folate too.

The seeds have fatty acids and are nutritious, as far as calories go100 g watermelon is 600 calories.

These seeds have fibers too for better digestion and its organs, also kills intestine parasites in cases of hepatitis and inflammation people also was seen improvement.

This seed has citrulline , an item antioxidant that expand blood vessels. Also it helps with angina, erectile issues, hypertension and atherosclerosis. This seed is healthy and it even cured kidney illnesses and UTI issues. And watermelon seeds will dispose of sand or stones in the kidney if you consume the seeds in tea.

The good part is that medical it was proven that this melon is healthy, so take the seeds, cook them, bake or grind them.


The recipe

Take 20-30 seeds, grind, then let them boil 15 min, this is for 2 liter water. The yield is enough and this mix can be taken daily, and the 3rd day make a pause.

Repeat this for a few weeks and pause every 3rd day.

Health benefits of the seeds

As we said, the seeds have minerals and nutrients and we have to keep them. You have to shew through the thick seed layer. Other benefits are:

  1. Full of magnesium it keeps heart safe, pressure too and boosts metabolism
  2. Less aging– due to the antioxidants- this avoids early aging, makes skin soft
  3. Clean acne-dip a cotton ball in this oil of the seeds, apply on acne skin and dead cells too. This is going for every skin type.
  4. Stronger hair – it has also proteins, amino acid for the vitality of the hair. The hair will be shiny since the seeds have copper and this makes melanin the color pigment.
  5. Itchy scalp– this extract is mild and gets in layers easy. use it for moisture and for dry scalp with dandruff.
  6. Prevents damaging hair, since the fat acids do their job
  7. Regulated pressure and prevention to heart issues. The arginine balances the pressure and heart issues. A heart checkup will see all arteries if they are healthy. Coronary disease is narrowed arteries and blocked blood flow. There are more amino acids that aid arteries, other such like lysine and tryptophan.
  8. More magnesium for immunity– the benefit of these seeds are foremost magnesium. This mineral is vital and we get it from oat, rice, wheat and cocoa .if you feel a muscle spasm this is from the deficit. It affects muscles, heart issue and even diabetes. This acid is known for B5 vitamin. You must breakdown calories into fat and then energy, so consider animal meat, legumes, veggies, legumes and veggies.
  9. Diet changes from B6 deficit. This water soluble and named even beriberi. This B vitamins all are vital and turn carbs to energy. This vitamin makes neurotransmitter.
  10. Good amino acids– in the melon there is omega 3 acids and unsaturated fats. The seed use means more health, more energy with no calories. Cup of the seeds is enough.
  11. Nails and hair– these seeds make the hair glossy, but other parts too. It has amino acids like arginine, lysine, glutamic acid and tryptophan.
  12. Source for magnesium-these seeds have lots of Mg which is vital for the heart and makes balanced pressure. Also manages diabetes and aids in metabolism.
  13. For edema– get 1 tsp dry seeds and add 1 tsp honey in ¾ cup water. Mix this and have it 2 times daily.
  14. Male fertility– the lycopene is the best home cure for male potency.
  15. Better recovery– after an illness, these seeds can give back health. for memory issues, these seeds are great. After a few days you can see results.
  16. For diabetes– handful these seeds are placed in water for 45 min and this is cure for diabetes.
  17. Moisture for skin– the fatty acids make skin soft and nourished. It makes the skin firm and stops acne. Also keeps skin healthy.
  18. Hair is black– these seeds have copper that makes melanin for the hair color. Also some color can be added.

Hair breakage– the fatty acids here nourish every hair. No breakage from now on, just massage the scalp with this oil, and some carrier oil, repeat this weekly.

source: naturalcarebox.com

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