A woman spreads something on the face and this is an item we have at home – start to use it!


After waking up, we grab coffee right? The most popular morning beverage everywhere. Amazing, tasty, gives energy and we misuse it often.  Let’s say coffee is good for home care and beauty too. These grounds in the cup bottom can even be really handy at all times. Spread them on baking paper to dry. The 13 uses after this are:


– Use coffee as anti-cellulite cream. Mix the grounds with some oil and be amazed by this cream.


– No chemicals use coffee. Hands will be clean and this item also is good exfoliator.


– The hair will get nutrients and be vivacious better than with masks. For darker color is better since it gives more radiance.

Bags under eyes

– Mix coffee and some olive oil. Put this under the eyes and  restore this skin.

In fridge

– For removal of fridge smell put coffee in a cup and then in the fridge. This will make odors neutral.

Grill rust

– No one wants to clean the mess after BBQ. Put coffee on sponge and start rubbing.  Rinse with hot water and finish.


– Use it as chemical-free since it is just as good as dish soap.

No ants

– Also coffee helps for ants. The smell makes ants light headed and they get dizzy.

For fleas

– Like ants, fleas dislike coffee. Rub some grounds on the hair of the pet and massage the fur. Fleas will be gone.

No wasps

– Put some coffee in a jar and light this with match. The steam will chase away wasps fast they dislike this aroma too.

No snails

– Snails also are not fans of coffee smell so spread coffee on the soil.


– If you dislike stray cats, spread coffee near the house and keep cats far.


– Coffee has nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This helps plants grow better, so sprinkle coffee on the soil.

source: yourhealthycupoftea.com

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