The best and cheapest way to remove lice from the head

Head lice are small insects in the human hair that feed on blood from the scalp. They are annoying, contagious and hard to remove! For spreading, they are spread with sharing caps, combs, brushes…

They cause itching and you can feel them move around the head and scalp. Itching might mean you got lice but mostly there are no signs. The presence of live louse or nits is the first sign of lice infestation.


Even though they are hard to be removed, this is noting dangerous. They irritate the scalp and do not spread health diseases. The sooner you solve this the better since they multiply FAST.

Kids are the most prone to lice. They are seen mostly in preschool and school age kids. But adults can get them too. Girls get them more than boys and women more than men.

Many lice shampoos are available on the market, but they cost a lot and still do not cure the issue. You will lose ours for the usage and still got lice.

If you want something natural and effective, try our method.

You need:

White vinegar

Lice comb


Shower cap




Wash the head nice and use the mouthwash for this. Put the cap on or wrap plastic bag. Let this work for 60 min and then remove the cap. Wash the hair with the vinegar now and put the cap for another hour. Remove it, shampoo and comb with the lice comb.

How this works?

The mouthwash smell is hated by the lice and the vinegar stops their spreading of eggs.


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