Clean the ovaries with the best of recipes!

The ovary cyst is a sack full of fluids and looks like a pocket in the women’s ovaries.  Every woman had or will have this problem in her lifetime.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC said before menopause, women had these issues and after menopause just 14.8% had them.


They are not lethal and can happen during a period so this is not a disease.

By nature they are benign and appear for no reason. But also can be pathological and cancerous.

These cysts are not deadly for the health. but they can bloat the abdomen, make painful bowels, mess with the cycle, make pelvic pain and nausea and even cause infertility.

They get removed on their own, but sometimes meds are needed. We have natural help here !

The best 6 recipes, but always talk to a doctor first.

  1. Heat– good for belly cramps near ovaries. In a heat pad, add warm water and apply near the belly and pelvis to hold for 15 min.
  2. Castor oil pack– an old famous recipe. This cleans toxins and not needed items and makes better lymph system and dissolved cysts. Get a flannel cloth and make it folded 3 times. Must be this way to cover the whole belly. Put castor oil drops, fold and unfold. Lay down, put the towel under you and the pack on the belly and secure with plastic foil. Over this place warm water bottle and blanket. 3 times weekly each of 90 min session. For removal of excess skin oil, wash this area with 3 tbsp baking soda and water, 4 cups. Never use this pack DURING period or in conceiving/ovulation times.
  3. Epsom bath– this removes pain and cysts complications. There is Mg sulfate here so muscles will be relaxed. In the tub water add 1 cup Epsom and warm water to mix and 10 drops essential oil per choice. Jasmine, rose, lavender…When mixed, soak for 30 min every day
  4. Chamomile tea– this is amazing for the tissues and pains, it is mildly sedative so it will relax you too. Periods will be more regular and blood flow better in pelvis and uterus. Mix 2 tbsp dry chamomile in hot water and steep it 5 min. add honey and have this 3 times daily.
  5. ACV- this can shrink the cysts due to the potassium. Also ACV gives this mineral in abundance and experts confirmed this. 1 tbsp ACV in warm water, a glass and also add 1 tbsp molasses. Have 2 glasses daily of this. Also this soothes heavy bleedings and cramps.
  6. Beetroot– this veggie has betacyanin for liver work and detoxing. Alkaline by nature too. Mix ½ cup beet juice and 1 tbsp aloe gel with some molasses every day, prior breakfast.





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