Never let people kiss the baby on the lips – this is why

If you have a kid, you know the kid is the most precious thing you have.

People warn us about their sick kids and still going to visit. Or meeting a play date at parks and seeing kids with green snot on the noses…


Or the dinner date comes with sick kids that would not eat…

Absolutely not!

If your kids are sick, skip kindergarten. No play dates, no dinner dates. No spreading germs, please, the least I need is week off to heal myself or the kids at home. I need rest too!

You think this is nothing. You think moms are paranoid when they run to doctors with wrapped in blanket kids…

Just read the story of UK mom, Henderson Claire. Her baby girl Brooke got kissed on the lips and ended 5 days in the hospital with herpes on lips, chin, cheeks.

She got lucky still! Cold sores can be lethal for babies, the example of this is baby Eloise Lampton who died days after the birth.

So, no lips kisses on the baby! Even if you look healthy, skip the lips!

If someone has cold sores, let them be at a distance.

Why would you visit a baby sick? Why even kiss it sick?! Lips?! No way!

There is no excuse in these matters. In the first 6 weeks, babies build immunity for daily germs. To us is just runny nose or sore. To them is life or death!

I tried to visit some friends recently and changed my mind to wait until the baby is at least 6 weeks old.

This has to be a rule – say how you feel and if needed, stay at your own home!

Parents don’t need to be judged for keeping their kid’s health at all costs.

No newborn kissing, no sick kids near my kids, no visits with illnesses.

Politeness or taking proper care? No politeness when it is about your kid’s health.





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