Do not take ginger if you have some of these health issues – it can put the health and heart at risks

This is a member of the zingiberacae family or zingiber, so ginger is a bloom plant and the healthiest too. Native in China and with many benefits.

It has a lot of bioactive items and nutrients for the health. it is medicinal and used as plain food.


It has loads of enzymes too for decomposing food and making a detox so is used in many healing methods especially for digestion. So, ginger is named ultimate versatile cure.

Despite the benefits for humans, sometimes ginger can worsen certain issues.


  1. Blood issues and disorders– this plant helps in diabetes, peripheral artery disease and obesity, even Raynaud’s syndrome since it makes more blood flow and boosts it too. It can be fatal for those with hemophilia. This is a disorder where one’s blood has less clotting abilities and this means small injuries can be lethal.
  2. Some meds– those who have diabetes and pressure, take special meds to treat these issues. They should avoid ginger since it can counteract with the meds taken. The mix of anticoagulants, insulin or beta blocker drugs and even anticoagulants WITH ginger can be really bad. Ginger lowers the pressure and makes thinning of blood
  3. Underweight and malnourished people– this plant has loads of fibers and raises the pH in the belly, making more digestion enzymes so eating ginger here means problem if you need to gain weight. It burns fat and stops food cravings. This makes bad muscle mass, hair and weight loss, PMS irregularity and more
  4. Pregnancy– ginger has stimulants for digestion and keeps muscles optimal. But is bad if pregnant women consume ginger since it can induce early labor and contractions. Also hinders iron absorption for iron and vitamins. A tad of this plant can reduce morning sickness, but just in case talk to a doctor.


Replacements for ginger

If you have some of these issues, use red paprika, cayenne or sweet pepper.

The famous world nutrition expert Raicevic Milka said peppers are the most similar to ginger. For spice, use red paprika and otherwise sweet paprika. Detox drinks can be made this way with lemons plus.





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