Scientists said that we inherit intelligence from the mother, not father

A recent gene study said intelligence comes from the female X chromosomes.

This X chromosome has 1000 genes  all linked to perception. Until now, doctors really believed that both parents had an influence. This is both wrong and correct.


Most such studies prove genes are really complex. People approach from various perspectives. It is always handy to tell people more on X and Y chromosomes. The chromosome looks like a thread of nucleus acid and protein. This stores genetic information. Everyone has a pair chromosomes. Females have 2 X and males 1 x 1 y chromosome.

The genetic areas of some gender genes are deactivated or activated upon selection and later gene properties are given. Activated genes impact genetic development and the rest do not. A single trait is from the mother so if this is active the male one is deactivated. Then if just 1 feature is active from the father, the female genes are deactivated.

The structure  of them is making intelligence research. Women affect cognition more since they have 2 X chromosomes and men just 1.

There is yet more here to be explored

Intelligence is highly-precise gene that originates from the mom. Experts tested this on mice. The embryo test subject were given maternal gene chromosomes and they all developed larger skulls and brains with smaller body. Subjects who got more paternal genes had larger bodies and smaller skulls. Experts also made other tests like identification of 6 areas In the brain that have JUST maternal or paternal genes.

The Cambridge University went deeper in the brain details and genes conditioning in 1984. They said maternal genes make more material in brain. In a study, experts of an agency in Scotland followed 12.686 people ages 14-22.

Then they talked to them and monitored the development and considered the ethnic background and education backgrounds too.

For sure, the mother has heavier influence on the intelligence of children.

It is not just the genes. Nurture and nature both affect the kid. Still, women play a bigger role in the intellectual development and every sign shows that mothers have bigger brains!






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