Why are the Italians among the healthiest in the world?

It might be something with veggies and olive oil?

In the hometown of my parents, Chiauci, Italy, there are many old people. They walk on the cobblestone streets, greet people and get baked biscotti with glass of wine. Food is a big deal in this city and meals are prepare for hours. There is a lot of pasta, fresh made tomato sauce, veggie piles, juices and fruits, cheese platters, hot bread and WINE.


Chiauci’s food is part of the culture. There so it earned the Mediterranean top spot for healthiest place, as per Bloomberg global health index. As to the index, a baby, Italy born can even become octogenarian.

This index also graded 163 states based on expectancy variables, death or health risks, hypertension and tobacco, malnutrition and clean drinking water.

Despite a low economy progress and youth unemployment, Italians have better shape than Americans, Brits and Canadians, had lower pressure, cholesterol and better mental health. stress is not such a big deal for Italians. Also there are many doctors and the diet is full of olive oil and veggies.

Switzerland, Iceland, Singapore, Australia are the rest of healthiest countries.


The USA ranked 34 with grade of health 73.05 from 100. Compared to grade of Italy 93.11. the rate of obesity was low, as per Bloomberg and USA has the heaviest people.

Here is the list:

Also, even though this nation is healthy, they are not all the way happy. For 2017 world’s happiness report, Italy was 48 out of 155 states and USA was 14.





Source: mnn.com

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