Losing weight with eating

Have you known that weight loss is about food not so much workouts? Yes, workouts are good for the health and toning, but metabolism is shaped with foods even more.

See the booster for metabolism recipes and tips on weight loss too for a healthy weight.

Let us see who is Audrey Johns?

I am Audrey Jones and I have battled obesity for many years now but with the metabolism booster foods this is no longer a problem. I made a blog to help others like me to manage their weight and change their bodies, be healthier and more confident.

My cookbook that is best seller so far helped many people to change eating habits and be healthy. See it for yourself, and lose weight with eating!

What is this plan?

Chemicals and preservatives, additives…it goes on! No wonder humans can be so heavy!

Lose weight by eating makes you go back on track for food even before food was made with excess salt, sugar, chemicals, additives…they save money, we keep fat!

You can lose weight even if you eat pizza, cupcakes, pasta…sounds good? Too good to be true, but it is true. Thousands have tried this for weight loss and feel better and are healthier!

My motto is that life is short so nibble that chocolate!


I can show you how to achieve the weight loss goals, how to learn to cook healthy and with my experience all can be seen in Lose weight by eating.


Here at this blog we have no strict rules, just goals. Have a daily goal and meet it.

The 4 main pillars:

  1. Skip junk food and have natural drinks
  2. Plan the meals and log what you eat and drink
  3. Move more
  4. Have gallon water per day


Have more info on these 4 pillars in the cookbook lose weight by eating or on the website.

See the video too for planning meals.

source: loseweightbyeating.com

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