The truth behind cancer – what to do with acidic body?

Did you hear of Dr. Warburg, Nobel prize winner that proclaimed the cancer cause. This was oxygen deficit as a major cause for every cancer! So this means the body is acidic and speeds the illness, thus since it lacks oxygen.

Warburg claimed that cancer dies off in alkaline areas and oxygen is needed for every normal cell. Cancer cells thrive with no oxygen and every cell can turn to cancer cell in just 2 days with no oxygen or 35% deficit oxygen.


Eating a healthy diet means balanced pH. Alkalinity and acidity balance is overall pH balance. The balance between these cells needs to be near 7,365.

Eating GMOs, sugars, grains, processed food, acidic foods and toxins make damage to the pH.

Cell activities might be interrupted and all healthy functions too, with bad pH.

Cardio issues, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heartburn and such are due to acidity. Also aging is faster with acidic foods.

The acidic states are the main causes for cancer and illnesses, said Robert O. Young.

Acidic areas are homes for many bad organisms like viruses, bacteria, parasites.

You have to have alkaline body to be healthy.

Here is the best cure, 100% effective that removes health issues.

You need:

1/3 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp lemon juice OR Acv



Mix the items to start them fizzing, then when this stops, add baking soda some more. Put this in cup of water.


Have this drink at once. Also helps for belly acidosis and gives good effects.

It makes pH neutral and makes you more alkaline to prevent many issues like cancer even. Have it daily.


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