Beet can cure even 12 health issues

Ever since history times, people used beet for many health issues. Romans and Greeks used it for medicine like lowering fevers.


Beet has many nutrients like iodine, zinc, saponins, magnesium, chlorine, flavonoids, betaine, calcium, nitrites and sodium.

It reduces allergy too and makes healthier organs, including kidneys, lymph and gallbladder.

It is rich and dense and treats even diabetes, sleep issues, weak immunity, anemia, atherosclerosis, pressure, thyroid issues. Red urine is the only side effect.

The best beet benefits:

  1. Better blood– beets have nitrates and they change to nitrites with the mouth bacteria so the blood flows better to the brain
  2. Liver detox– due to the betaine, liver gets better
  3. Menstrual issues and menopause-red beets have iron and make new red blood cells. This treats menopause and PMS issues
  4. Prevention and treating cancer– studies said that this veggie juice kills tumors, keeps cells heathy and makes new ones too.
  5. Less pressure– due to nitrates pressure gets lowered and 2 glasses juice per day can reduce the pressure.
  6. Inflammation– beets have antioxidants for immunity and removal of inflammation
  7. Constipation– beet juice aids in digestion and metabolism so you digest food better
  8. Deficiency of iron/anemia– red beet is amazing for anemia curing since it makes new red blood cells and gives you iron
  9. For muscles– eating beet juice can boost strength in muscles and give endurance.
  10. Better skin– anti-aging, amazing and healthy it has loads of folate for wrinkles and skin issues. Have glowing skin!
  11. Better mental health and mood– the beet juice has betaine and tryptophan that relaxes the mind and removes depression
  12. No birth defects– beets have folate and folic acid and thus defects are prevented. Have them moderately if you are pregnant.





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