The 30 foods for weight loss and burning fat


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Losing weight is about more than just going to the gym, it is also about food. I love working out! But I cannot always choose the right foods. Mixing workouts and good food is the answer. 80% of results are from the diet.

Before you see the best foods also know that you have to eat different foods and get all nutrients.

What is superfood?

There is no specific definition but these foods are full of minerals and vitamins. They aid in weight loss, better health and give antioxidants for safety.

For energy

Another thing is weight loss and extra energy. They keep you full and strong all day long so you achieve the workout goals too.

Every food is various benefit

Some foods keep weight off more, some have calories and fiber, some boost metabolism, some build muscle…

The 30 superfoods

This is the list of all foods for weight loss and detox:

  • Avocado– has L carnitine for metabolizing fat
  • Blueberries– they have soluble fiber for satiety
  • Green tea– it has epigallocatechin-3-gallate eGCG for antioxidants and metabolism
  • Grapefruit– boosts metabolism
  • Almonds– has B and zinc for stopping sugar cravings
  • Oatmeal– has soluble fiber
  • Salmon– protein for making muscle and fat burning
  • Flaxseed– has fiber for weight loss
  • Oranges– for L carnitine and reducing fat also fibers for appetite
  • Tomato– has fat burning item called 9-oxo-ODA in all red fruits and also lycopene and beta carotene for belly fat
  • Hot peppers– has capsaicin for faster metabolism and making fat to energy
  • Apples– has pectin that binds to water and burns fat
  • ACV– for food digestion and blood sugar regulation
  • Cinnamon– 1 tbsp of this also regulates sugar
  • Quinoa– with proteins for muscles
  • Pine nuts– suppressing appetite with the work against hormone ghrelin
  • Banana– has fibers for slowing digestion
  • Mushroom– low in fat and calories. It has potassium too for hypertension and blood sugar
  • Coconut oil– easy for digestion and making energy
  • Sweet potato– low in calories and high in fiber
  • Lentils– fibers for digestion
  • Eggs– healthy fats and protein and good cholesterol
  • Olive oil- for removal of inflammation in fibromyalgia, skin issues, diabetes and obesity
  • Chicken breast– for protein and muscle building
  • Greek yoghurt– with proteins and has less sugar than the rest, but also has amino acids for muscles
  • Broccoli– low in calories for weight loss
  • Asparagus– a diuretic for removal of excess water
  • Kidney beans– with potassium, iron, magnesium for no bad fats and cholesterol
  • Goji berries– for regulating blood sugar, also have chromium for keeping lean muscle mass and regulating blood sugar
  • Kale– with antioxidants and fighting obesity


Get these foods and lose weight. They are tasty and healthy and make you feel fuller. Also you will get proteins, fibers and more nutrients.


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