What can the blood type say about us?

Japan and science both have suggested that blood types can reveal a lot for us and our personality.

Blood is blood hm? Human blood is same for everyone except the type and also can be negative or positive. All 4 types are different in antigens and immune systems for red blood cells.


Back in 1930, the Japanese professor Furukawa Tokeji published a study where he said all types A, B, AB and 0 are linked to personalities. So blood types or ketsueki-gata was really deep in Japanese culture. Like horoscope, Japanese tv and gazettes make link between blood and personalities. They even make matchmaking based on this. Like astrology, a science link still is not proven.


AB types have A and B and not A or B antibodies in plasma. If you are AB you can donate plasma to anyone.

Those with AN have 23% more risk of heart issues and those with 0 less risks. Those with AB have double chances that a pregnant woman will suffer from pressure issues like preeclampsia.

A study in the Journal Neurology said AB types have 82% more chances of cognition issues like memory recalling, attention, language than the rest. The experts suspected that the clotting protein or coagulation factor may be the link between blood types and cognition issues said Mary Chushman.

For the ketsueki-gata, if you are AB you are controlled, cool, adaptable, critical, not decisive, irresponsible and forgetful.


If you are here, you have no A or B antigens in red cells but have both antibodies in plasma. 0 + is the most common and 0-  is universal donor so you donate red cells to anyone.

So you can get ulcers or rupture Achilles tendon but also have risks of cholera, malaria and mosquito bites. Ketsueki gata says here you are determined, confident, strong willed, intuitive, egoistic, unpredictable, cold and workaholic too.


This type has A antigens for red cells and B antibodies in plasma so you donate red cells to both A and AB. The makeup of antigen on red cells can determine how much hormone is released. For A types, you have high levels of stress cortisol said National Institutes of health. many health risks are linked to A blood like 20% chance of stomach cancer compared with B and 0, and 5% increase risk in heart issues rather than type 0.

Also you are prone to more cancers like leukemia and pancreas and BBC said you also can get smallpox, malaria but are less good for mosquitoes! The traits you have are creative, earnest, reserved, patient and responsible.


In this case you have B antigens red cells and A antibodies plasma so you donate red cells in type B and AB.

You have 11% rising risk of heart issues rather than 0 type. Harvard University study said that AB and B women had more risk of ovary cancer but for b is not that bad. Those with B have 50.000 times more good bacteria than A or 0.

You have passion, activity by nature, strength and creativity too. But also can be selfish, erratic, unforgiving and irresponsible.

source: www.mnn.com

image source: pixabay.com

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