The 23 things that happen after eating spoonful coconut oil daily

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During a visit from a friend, my habits have altered. Now I don’t even think about coconut as before, I just consume it straight from the jar.

Try it if you never did. Eat a spoonful daily. The benefits are countless and there is science to back this up.

For the quantity, have 2-4 tbsp daily. But you can also try spoon per day at start.

This may sound not so tasty, so in this case try the coconut butter.

As we said, the health benefits are plenty. Get a jar, get a spoon and dig in. here are the best 23 reasons to do so:

  1. Losing weight– for shedding pounds, this oil speeds the process. It boosts metabolism, gives you energy and you feel less hungry all day long. Also digestion gets better and you get more nutrients. Also you have less junk food craving. Hormones get balanced, less stress and less fat deposits. See the 6 genius ways coconut oil helps you lose weight
  2. More muscle building– this oil also gives lasting energy. So spoonful of it before the gym makes you have more stamina. You get more endurance too and better blood flow.
  3. No unhealthy craving– to cut back on fast food is not enough for weight loss. You need health too! You need balanced sugar, pressure and cholesterol, healthy hormones, good liver and kidneys, good mental health and clean skin. As we said, coconut stops cravings. It makes digestion better and you get more energy. See the 12 genius tricks to curb cravings naturally
  4. Better digestion– coconut removes too much bad bacteria and microbes of the gut. These items make bad digestion and this damages the health. also coconut helps for minerals and vitamins absorption like A and E. coconut removes inflammation in the gut and dietary or food sensitivity. If untreated, inflammation makes serious digestion issues like leaky gut or nutrient deficits.
  5. Regulation of appetite– since digestion is better and sugar levels too, coconut regulates appetite as well. It gives you energy easy for digestion and gives satiety for craving less snacks.
  6. Better focus and memory– spoon coconut from the jar after waking up means boost of metabolism. Also mind gets woken up better. This can improve memory due to the medium chain triglycerides MCTs. They give brain energy and boost it long term.
  7. For neurodegenerative issues-since it is good for the brain, it also prevents issues like Alzheimer’s. it gives the brain good fuel chemicals like the ketones. They get easily in brain cells and process glucose better. A lot of issues develop with time, slowly and we see them late in life. Get coconut fast!
  8. Preventing and curing UTIs– people lack water. Dehydration means more bacteria in the urinary organs and try to have more water. But coconut also can cure UTIs! It is a natural antibiotic. The MCTs make most of the coconut and dissolve the bad bacteria in cells.
  9. No bacteria for bad breath– this is made from bacteria in the mouth. Coconut kills microbes and freshens the breath. Attack the buccal bacteria with coconut and swish for 30 min. spit this out and feel fresh.
  10. Whitening teeth- the same bad breath bacteria make a sticky substance or plaque to hold other bacteria. This plaque keeps bacteria and damages teeth. Use coconut for bacteria removal and reduce this plaque too. Keep stains away!
  11. Moisture for lips– when you eat coconut from the jar, you also run the lips over it. this makes the skin on lips soft and nourished. Even if the lips are not dry, you can benefit from this.
  12. No dry mouth– lots of water is crucial for hydration. At least 3-4 oz is good to handle at once. More than that is just unnecessary. If you have dry mouth, have 4 oz water and rehydrate. Then get spoonful coconut. As the oil gets in the mouth and throat, you will feel less “dry”. Also have 3-4 oz water every half an hour.
  13. Soothe dry throat– the same as dry mouth case. For this, drink a bit water and then get spoon coconut for moisture. It removes inflammation and swelling in the throat. When you rehydrate, you need a bit water but often. Have 3-4 oz every hour or 30 min. just not too much at once.
  14. Safe liver and pancreas– as we said, the medium chain triglycerides are different from long chain fats. Most fats saturated have to be broken down in intestines and then they go in the blood as fuel. The MCTs of coconut get absorbed well and go straight in the liver. Then the liver changes them in energy. Since the liver makes them energy, eating coconut means less fat deposits near the liver. Also the pancreas benefits from this. The pancreas makes enzymes for changing fat acids in energy. Since MCTs are in no need to be broken down like this, coconut will remove stress of the pancreas.
  15. For insulin resistance– this is the first sign before diabetes 2 and means the blood is flooded with too much glucose. This makes the pancreas make more insulin, hormone for regulating blood sugar. Too much insulin will make damages to this hormone. The high amount of MCTs or ketones helps here a lot. Ketones are … anti-glucose. They give the same energy and they do not depend on insulin. Less insulin means less resistance to it.
  16. Heart health– the lauric acid in MCT increases good HDL cholesterol. Also it affects the LDL bad one to make more good HDL. As this HDL LDL ratio increases the heart will get better. Also, the virgin oil has many antioxidants for no oxidation damage in arteries. This reduces forming of arterial plaque or blockages that cause atherosclerosis and strokes or attacks. See more about the coconut and other 20 good foods that unclog arteries
  17. Treating arthritis– this oil heals this problem. It removes inflammation due to antioxidants and good fat acids. Also makes better absorption of E and A vitamins, calcium, magnesium all vital for muscles and bones.
  18. Stops cancer growth– the bodies make ketones when we eat coconut. Ketones give energy to healthy cells and avoid cancer cells. With no energy, cancer cells die off. Also coconut kills helicobacter pylori found in the GI tract that often makes stomach cancer.
  19. Less seizures– more ketones have another benefit. They reduce seizures and epilepsy in kids. Ketogenic diet has this effect. Read more on epilepsy foundation website
  20. Healthy hormones– for healthy hormones, we need fat acids. Spoon or two coconut daily does a good job. You will have less stress, better sleep, more energy and well being.
  21. Better body smell– body odor depends on many things. Poor diet, stress, imbalance in hormones do this. Also microbes, waste and toxins, bad kidney and liver work…coconut makes you smell overall better. The natural scent we have plays a big role!
  22. Healthy skin, hair and nails- the coconut fat acids give moisture. Also they make you get more e and A vitamins for the skin and hair. Also from inside you can detox better and blood/organs all benefit too. Cells regenerate faster, you get more nutrients and pores get cleaner too with no microbes. Try applying this topically too.
  23. Soft and shiny coat– this is for the pets. Eating coconut is good for pets too! See here more in 10 ways to use coconut to improve dogs’ health 


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