The DIY recipe for iced tea from turmeric and ginger. Good for brain, cells, heart

Iced tea is the best! It makes healthy brain, heart and cells and is refreshing too. This is the best way to fight dehydration and be healthy.

If you get dehydrated, there are some side effects. Blood is thicker, blood flow worse and thus higher pressure, more cholesterol and more risk of obesity, diabetes 2, cancer…


We all know water is healthy, but this gets old. Switch water for iced tea and you can be hydrated and have a tasty drink.

Each item for this recipe has benefits.


Heart issues are the worst killers in the world. This was studied a lot and many causes make this problem. Also many different things help like turmeric that stops the progress. Curcuma the active item here makes better endothelium or blood vessel lining. Problems here mean risk of disease, blood clotting, pressure and more.

Brain benefits too. Study from 2014 said turmerone makes neural stem cell growth by 80% when taken. Experts said this aids if you have Alzheimer’s or if you survived stroke.


This is tasty and warming spice. It has gingerols or oily resin of the ginger root that removes inflammation and has antioxidants. Israel experts said this keeps heart healthy too, cholesterol, prevents LDL oxidizing and atherosclerosis.

Ginger keeps brain good with chemicals in the brain that talk to each other.

This means more focus, better sleep and such. Even 86% USA adults have suboptimal neurotransmitters so eat more ginger.


This adds sweetness in the tea, makes brain healthy especially for women who have more hormonal problems after menopause. Due to antioxidants, it stops cell damage and brain cell losing. University of Babylon, College of Medicine in Iraq made a study and said  this item stops cognition decline in the brain.

Also this recipe has a bit black pepper. This enhances the taste and enhances the rest of benefits.

Recipe inspiration by  fresh bites daily.


You need:

1 cup + 3 cups water

4 tsp dry turmeric

4 tsp ginger

¾ tsp black pepper

¼ cup honey




¼ jar



Measure the items and put them in a sauce pan except the water. Then add water and let this boil. Reduce heat and let it simmer. After a few minutes, turn heat off. Add honey when cooled.

Cover the pan and this steeps for 60 min. or steep it overnight better!

With cheesecloth, strain this mix and remove grit and solid parts.

Make 1 drink at a time or add 3 cups water and store in the jar and in fridge. Add more water per taste and same goes for sweetening.


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