11 reasons why you have to drink a spoonful ACV daily

You must have hear these things. But, trust us, acv really has a lot to offer. Drinking this daily can make you better and healthier.


The organic and unfiltered acv id the oldest cure used on earth. It has enzymes and good bacteria for many health benefits.

These are the 11 reasons why you need to drink acv daily

*but just remember that this is never drank straight up, it might damage the esophagus. Mix 1 tbsp acv and 8 oz water and for better taste, useĀ  a straw. Or add some honey.

1. Healthy pH and alkalinity

We mostly are acidic and not alkaline. The first step for health is alkalinity. This balance is vital and the body struggles to achieve this. Even a small pH change can have a good effect. Many enzymes depend on pH and acidity makes fatigue, no energy and more infections. If you think acv is acidic, think again. When consumed it is alkaline. Acid foods are alcohol, processed food, sugar and simple carbs. Avoid them.

2. Drink acv for regulation of blood sugar

A study of Arizona State University, by prof. Dr. Carol Johnston, Nutrition Department said acv aids diabetics. The study author of 2013, Experimental Biology Conference of Boston, presented that acv at meal time can reduce postprandal glycemia and metabolic effects for those with prediabetes and diabetes. Experts found that 2 tbsp acv with water before be can lower blood sugar 4-6 % by morning.

3. Drink acv to lower pressure

Acv can lower pressure and risk of heart issues. It has potassium and balances sodium inside and pressure. Also has magnesium for the vessel walls and lowering pressure.

4. Drink acv for healthy heart

Also heart will be healthier too and HDL good cholesterol will improve, said the study of 2006, Medscape General Medicine. Another study of Journal Agricultural and Food chemistry, 2011, stated that this is true and acv even balances triglycerides. Also acv has antioxidants and chlorogenic acid for keeping good cholesterol from oxidation.

5. Healthy liver and organ detox

In the balancing of Ph, acv makes a great helper. Studies said it detoxes the liver and makes better blood flow. Also acv heals skin, blood and removes toxins deposits of the liver. Also it cleanses the blood and boosts the energy. Another detox acv way is mucus breaking up and clearing lymph too for better lymph flow. When the lymph is healthy, toxins are removed of cells easy and immunity gets better.

6. Drink acv for candida

Acv has enzymes for removal of candida. Candida was blamed for many issues like depression, headache, fatigue, bad memory, sugar craving, yeasts. It is a natural yeast but it gets worse when we eat sugars, bad food or get too much antibiotics.

Candida thrives on these items and carbs like cookie and pastry. Some experts think sugar addiction stems from yeasts excess and the yeast requires the sugars to survive thus you crave and eat more.

Acv is fermented with good yeasts and is making good gut bacteria, makes good bacteria grow more and remove candida.

7. Drink acv for digestion

Acv makes good digestive juices and they break down food easy. Also indigestion, bloating, gas and heartburn are cured too. Experts say even tsp acv and water a glass can relieve acid reflux. Some even say heartburn happens from low acids in gut, not excess. Also acv has good acids like acetic, lactic, isobutryic and propionic for controlling yeasts and bacteria in belly and better digestion.

DO NOT use it for ulcers!

8. Drink acv for weight loss

Add 2 tsp acv in 16 oz water and drink this all day long for weight loss. All vinegars were used for this since they give satiety and the Arizona study said this is confirmed.

A study of the Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry said people who got acv for 3 months has less weight and belly fat, waist size and triglycerides.

Another of Japan said overweight people who drank ACV for 3 months had less visceral fat, less waist size and lower BMI.

9. Drink acv to prevent osteoporosis

1 from 4 women in USA over 65 has this problem. For this diagnosis you have to lose 50-75% bone mass from the skeleton. This is scary and bad and affects even 200 million females in the world. 1 of every 10 over 60 years old, 1 of every 5 over 70 and 2 of every 5 over 0.

So, preventing this is key factor and acv helps in calcium absorbing, mineral for fighting osteoporosis. Drink this with meals to get enough calcium.

10. Drink acv for slower aging

Not just wisdom, as we age we also have physical signs of aging like saggy skin and wrinkles. The acv antioxidants stop early aging and slow it down. Also there is balance of alkalinity in the body and skin.

11. Helps in fighting free radicals

Do you know what are free radicals? It means atom molecules of unpaired electrons in the out orbit. These radicals are made for metabolic functions and this is a vital process. They fight germs and infections, but too much free radicals make problems.

If there is radicals in excess more than enzymes can handle, there is oxidation damage in cells, tissues, proteins and DNA and thus we get ulcers, emphysema, immune issues and arthritis. Every disease is triggered by free radicals.

The damage is in and outside both and affects looks, health and makes us look older.

Avoiding them is impossible, but we can minimize their damage with eating more antioxidants. They are in fruit and veggies like acv being one of them.

More about acv

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Source: naturallivingideas.com

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