9 reasons to try cupping method therapy

If you watched the Rio Olympics you saw some athletes like the gold swimmer Michael Phelps have some strange purple circles on the skin.

Some were concerned that he got some damages on the body or self abuse, but these circles are healing methods known as cupping. The team captain, Chris Brooks and the USA gymnast Alex Naddourr also have these marks.


Naddourr said for USA Today that this was the secret that kept him healthy. It is the best spent money ever.

Cupping means small glass cups put on the skin, pulled from the body to loosen and soothe muscles and making good blood flow.

It works amazing. The USA gymnasts finished second in the 2016 Olympics and the swimmers like Phellps and Nathan Adrian got gold for 4×100 meter freestyle.

Many massage experts say this is used by them. This is a kind of massage. Instead pulling muscles, suction is used, skin is pulled and tissues or muscles go upward. This was invented centuries ago and are used even today.

The athletes are not the only with benefits, also celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow had such marks on the back and the actress Jennifer Anniston wore strapless black dress and had the marks too.

These are the 9 reasons to try cupping:


  1. Pain relief

This is the main reason why people use cupping. A study of many trials for Evidence based complimentary alternative medicine said this is better than regular healing and relieving cancer pain, more than drugs. The cups target the soft tissue and apply pressure where the pain is. This makes better blood flow and more oxygen. It releases deep tissues and relaxes stiff muscles, removes neck and back pain, rheum and migraines. Experts use heat pressure and suctioning too near the pain area. This makes better meridian energy.

  1. No cold, allergy or cough signs

This works up the lungs and clears the phlegm. Excess phlegm in lungs triggers coughs. Cupping can speed curing a cold, allergy and cough too. Also immunity is boosted, blood is moving better and lymph too.

  1. Relaxation

In today’s chaos, we all need to relax. If not, stress will make health problems like depression and anxiety. Similar to deep tissue massage, cupping also soothes you. Being still and letting an expert use this method is another thing. The cups are placed on skin, suction is used for 20 min and this makes you silent and still, even more relaxed.

  1. Detox

Bad blood flow makes more toxins inside. This causes health problems. Cupping makes blood rush where toxins are. Along toxins, dead cells and debris are removed. After cupping, you need lots of water to drink to flush the remains.

  1. Healing injuries and inflammation

Inflammation is our defense shield and kicks in after injuries of some kind. In case of muscle injury, you get an ice pack, but for allowed inflammation, this helps to flood the injured place with blood, nutrients, platelets, white blood cells and fibroblasts. Cupping draws blood to the area and new blood vessel can be made. This heals knots and adhesions. After workouts, this makes better recovery.

  1. Better skin

Cupping cured many skin issues like eczema, acne, inflammation, herpes breakouts and cellulite too. For eczema, suction is applied on some points like top of spinal cord, under knee, above ankles, for acne the affected area was cupped and nicked, for cellulite, cupping is used with oil too. Cups are suctioned and moved around. Study of PLOS One said cupping is just as good as antibiotics for acne use. Studies said the cure rate for acne was better than tetracycline. Cupping gives good energy in the body meridians, it draws blood where needed, energizes skin and gives nutrients and oxygen too as the lymph makes antibodies for healing. The blood flow also detoxifies and removes skin pathogens.

  1. Less digestion issues

Cupping also relieves indigestion, IBS and makes better gut. Stress and anxiety all impact organs and digestion too. So you feel constipation and indigestion, but cupping resolves this and relaxes the gut. This cures also water retention, cramps, diarrhea, gastritis, appetite loss and GI issues.

  1. Anti-aging

Cupping also fights wrinkles and makes skin nourished, younger and glowing. Also lotions and oils after cupping are seeped better in the skin. The lifting makes less visible lines on skin and wrinkles too. It brightens scars of acne as well. The connecting tissues in face are stimulated, you have less smile lines and puffiness is gone too. The moves relax the face muscles and make it younger. Regardless oily or dry skin, cupping is amazing anyway. No lasers and knives for youth look.

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is a painful state where hand sensation is impaired and even decreased. It affects 4-10 million USA people, females 3 times more than males. This disables the nerve that makes numbness and weakness or lost feeling in hand and hand work. The good part is that you can try cupping. German study for journal of Pain said cupping gives relief from this syndrome. Even one session eases pain for the whole week. The authors said this therapy might be placebo effect, but cupping still is a good method for soothing muscles and nerves anyway.



Source: www.naturallivingideas.com

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