Relieve the pain in the lumbar area caused by the pinched nerve with these two effective exercises!

When something pressures the lumbar nerve root we feel pain in some parts of the sciatic nerve and this condition is known as sciatica.

Typical symptoms of sciatica are weakness, pain in the leg, numbness feeling which begins in the lower back and continues along the sciatic nerve, located in the back of the leg.

But sometimes the ache is too strong, it can last longer so it begins to disrupt the movement. What is more, the pain becomes worse at night and especially after sitting or standing for a longer period.

Usually, sciatica is treated with painkillers. However, there are also exercises which include some stretching of the muscles that can ease the sciatica pain and it can even be gone.

 These two, very easy exercises can help you relieve the severe sciatica pain.

With these stretches, you can reduce the inflammation and ease the ache.

At first, you may think of them as hard because these exercises should be done slowly and then gradually to increase the stretches as you are breathing out.

Exercise number 1

Lie down on the floor, bend the hurting leg and then pull it very slowly towards the shoulder. When you feel the stretch keep that position for half a minute.


At the end, straighten your legs and lie down for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise at least two times.

Exercise number 2

For the second exercise, you need to lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Then pull them slowly towards your chest but make sure your buttocks are on the floor.

After that, cross your legs and pull the healthy one with your hands. Try to be in this position for thirty seconds then put your leg down and lie down for a few seconds.


Try to do this exercise at least two times too.

These exercises can help you improve the blood flow and can also help with the muscle stagnation. So you will stimulate your improvement and relieve the pain.


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