Remedy with only two ingredients to empty your bowel

The most common cause of stomach discomfort, pain and bloating is due to the incomplete emptying of the bowel. Anyway, we must know that anything that happens in our bodies especially our bowel movements and digestion is connected with our diet habits.

The body needs specific nutrients to work properly and your regular diet may not be providing them. Ant this might me the reason why something is wrong with your digestion.


Why your bowel doesn’t empty completely

The bowel eliminates the toxins and the waste material from the human body. Sometimes these toxins stay inside the bowel and cause different health problems.

If the muscles of the digestive tract don’t work properly that can also lead to incomplete bowel emptying and it can’t be passed a well-formed stool.

So, at least twice a year we should do a complete cleaning of the bowel. In this way, we can prevent different health problems and we will detoxify our body.

Empty your body

Prepare this recipe and empty your bowel in only a few minutes:


  • 150 g plums
  • 5 cups boiling water
  • 150 g dates

How to prepare it

Boil the water in a pot then add the other ingredients,let it simmer for 15 min. Remove it and wait for it to cool down.

How to Consume

In the morning take one tbsp. of it. This will help you to eliminate the toxins in your body and it will help you with constipation and your digestion will improve.

Everything in it is natural therefore there aren’t any side effect.



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