Here Is How To Activate Your Hormones To Burn Fat!

A lot of people don’t even ask themselves why are we gaining weight? Did you know that hormones are actually guilty for that? One shouldn’t be a scientist to know what should be done for the weight to be lost and to look better.
You need moderate nutrition, with less sugar, more fibers, healthy oil, vitamins, more sports and exercise.

The regimen we are suggesting for you today will help you to reduce the hormones that make you fatter, and instead activate the hormones of the weight loss.

Here’s what should be done:

The first thing that inevitably has to be done is the reduction or total removing of the sugar. The thing is that the carbohydrates we eat as complex sugars – sweets, alcohol, processed foods – are stored in our body and they don’t burn fats. Instead, include more green vegetables. The fiber they have, help to better burn the fat and is good for the intestinal cleansing. Use healthy fat oil, olive oil or coconut oil, too. Reduce the animal proteins and instead use more veggie proteins.

Have the right dynamics with the meals. Don’t skip a meal, have moderate one and don’t eat after 7 p.m.!

Don’t forget to include one of the most important parts of the regimen and that is exercising! 30 minutes a day, or at least three times a week. You can choose to run, do Pilates, long walks or maybe fitness. Whatever suits you!


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