The ‘SHAZAM’ For Plants Will Identify Any Plant From A Picture

An average person can recognize about 20 plants, let’s say, maybe less, maybe more. And the world is so rich with flora that is estimated about 400,000 plant species. And, who would know it all, ah? But, technology can help you to learn more. Smart guys have thought of a smart application that can help you identify some plant. This app can help you to improve your knowledge in this sense. The app is available for iPhone and Android, it is called Shazam for plants.


How does it work?

The app has collected uploaded pictures from social networks together with the information about the plants. Four French research organizations have made it together. The software visualizes the plant species and currently can show the look of 4.100 species of the flora in France. But, the number of plants images grows from day to day.

And, the more users the app has every day and users from all over the world, that is how more different plants will be available on the app. Everyone can help this application to become better and more useful. So, if you find this interesting and useful, then get the app and contribute to the world of botanic science.

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