5 Signs of Prostate Cancer Men Should Never Ignore

Prostate cancer is a very common disease in men. One in seven men probably will be diagnosed in his life. Usually, there aren’t any symptoms but you must pay attention if you notice any of these signs.


Difficulty to pee

No matter if this happens once or twice you must call your doctor because this isn’t normal. Trouble while urinating or weak or slow stream might also be due to UTI or some other condition but you must check with your doctor. Another thing that you should check is a loss of bladder control or urge to urinate more often.

Blood in the urine

This is another sign that must be checked immediately. If you notice some change in the color of your urine that suggests that there might be some blood in it or it burns you while peeing, you must consult your doctor and be tested for prostate cancer.

You become impotent

Call your doctor immediately if you can’t get an erection, the ejaculation is painful or you notice some blood in the semen. This might suggest late-stage prostate cancer.

Pain in your bones

Constant or frequent pain in your spine, hips or ribs might also suggest prostate cancer. This may suggest that cancer have spread.

Loss of appetite

If you lose the desire for things that you usually loved, it can be a sign of prostate cancer. This is a very unclear symptom but you must pay attention because this can save your life.

It is very important to pay attention to every symptom because prostate cancer is treatable in its early stage.

Source: rd.com

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