Urobilinogen in Urine: What It Is and How to Check It at Home

Urobilinogen is a by-product of the production of the bilirubin that is colorless. This product is created in the intestines and half of it is reabsorbed by the blood and then the kidneys excrete it. Usually healthy people don’t have bilirubin in the body because it is a waste product. Big amounts of bilirubin create an increased level of urobilinogen. A urine test is the best way to see if you are having high levels of urobilinogen and this happens when we are suffering from liver disease.

The effects of the urobilinogen on the liver

If you have a significant increase in the levels of bilirubin that means that the liver isn’t working properly. Dark urine and light stools are the indicators of this condition. One more symptom is the color of your skin which will be yellowish due to jaundice.

Reasons for high levels of urobilinogen

In a healthy person the levels of urobilinogen are normal but if there are some kind of changes that means that something isn’t right with the intestines or the liver. There are more reasons for this problem and here are some of them.

Certain medications are one of the reasons for this condition. When we take antibiotics, they interfere with the work of the intestines because they change its natural flora. And usually when such problem occurs your doctor will probably prescribe you some additional medications.

A more serious reason for this problem is a liver disease like liver cirrhosis or cancer of the liver. In both of these cases, your liver can’t work properly and it is weakened.

And the last reason is hemolytic anemia. This is a kind of anemia where red blood cells break down in any part of the body. Due to this breakdown the levels of urobilinogen in the stool and urine increase. This is usually an inherited disease that is treated with iron supplements.

Check the levels of urobilinogen

There is no need to go to the doctor to check the levels of your urobilinogen, you can easily do that at home. In every pharmacy, there is a home-test for urobilinogen and bilirubin. If you are healthy there won’t be any bilirubin in your urine. A positive test can indicate a liver disease.

Normal value of urobilinogen

The normal ranges are fewer than 1 mg/dl or less than 17 umol/l. The measuring ranges for urobilinogen are from 0 to 8 mg/dl.

An increased value is anything that is higher than 1 mg/dl.

Source: ritely.com

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