Infographic: What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health?

Take a minute of you time and look at your tongue, it can tell a lot of things about your health. If you have a red tongue like a strawberry this can mean that you have a deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid. A black, hairy tongue might show diabetes or poor oral hygiene.

Today we are going to tell you some of the signs that your tongue is telling you.

  • White patches on your tongue

This might mean that you have oral candidiasis. That is an overgrowth of yeast or thrush. Brush your tongue every day for one week and if the patches are still there, that means that it is candida for sure. Antifungal drugs can help you to deal with this problem.

  • Hairy-looking or black tongue

This can be as a result of poor oral hygiene, cancer therapies, diabetes, and yeast infection. This hairy look due to dead skin buildups and there is no need for medical attention only regular oral hygiene.

  • White and red spots on the tongue

This is as a result of worn down taste buds and there is no need for worries it is a common condition that doesn’t require any treatment.

  • Abnormal redness on the tongue

Except for strep throat and fever this condition can indicate a deficiency in iron, B12, and folic acid. These aren’t any serious illnesses and simple supplements and medication can solve them

  • Stripped or webbed look of your tongue

This can be an oral lichen planus that is actually an inflammation where the immune system attacks the cells. This isn’t a contagious condition but it can lead to mouth cancer and therefore a constant medical monitoring is needed. Avoid foods that irritate the mouth, tobacco, and maintain a proper oral hygiene.

  • If you notice any ridges in the tongue

If the teeth press your tongue, ridges of it might show. This happens when we sleep and it isn’t needed a treatment, it will solve on its own.

  • Bumps on the tongue

Cold sores or canker sores are probably those bumps that you have on your tongue. These bumps might be as a result of stress ulcers, smoking, and biting. You don’t need to seek immediate medical attention for this problem. You can try some home remedies first. Gargle some warm salt water, chew some mint leaves, and eat cold and soft drinks.


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