Lose your weight fast and safe no matter your age!

The metabolism is sometimes the key fact for losing the weight. Some people’s metabolisms work much faster than other ones and this makes losing weight much difficult.

Therefore, when we get older it is more difficult to lose the weight.

What does our metabolism do?

The metabolism takes the food and coverts it into energy. People with high metabolic rate burn their calories faster even when they are resting. If your metabolism works slow you cannot burn too many calories even when you are exercising.

How the age affects the metabolism?

In the 20s

Even when you are not an adolescent anymore your body still grows, especially, the bones and muscles. This growth boosts the resting metabolism, that means that you are burning calories even when you are sleeping and resting.

In the 30s and 40s

Even if you are one of those people who have fast metabolism the age slows it down. The muscles become smaller and the fat increases. The weakness of the muscles can start even in your 30s. The muscle mass is the one responsible for the metabolic rate. When the metabolism starts working slower, you should start eating less.

In the 50s 60s

Menopause and the metabolic changes are closely linked. For women who have reached menopause, it is more difficult to metabolize fat.

How to boost the metabolism?

Eat whole foods

Whole foods contain minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. They are fat-burning and tasty. Try eating healthy if you want to boost your metabolism and avoid processed foods.

Stay active

When we are exercising we are strengthening our muscles and this is the key factor to boosting the metabolism.

The best choice for you whole body is planks and back running.

Source: besthealthyguide.com

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