The reason for your sweating!


There are many reasons for sweating and they are not always hot weather or too much exercise. Here are a few reasons why are you sweating:

Low sugar levels

If the sugar levels in your blood drop in a short period of time you will probably feel that you are sweating a lot. If you think that you have this problem, then always have a piece of candy with you.

Problems with your heart

Sweating after a strenuous activity might be a sign of a heart problem. This is a reason to visit your doctor immediately.


If you have this condition then you will probably sweat in your head, feet, and hands even when you don’t have any physical activity.


During this period there are many changes in the body especially the endocrine system. This is a reason for excessive sweating.


Due to hormonal changes, the temperature in the woman’s body changes and she starts to sweat.


Nicotine increases the heart rate, the pressure, and the body temperature this all leads to excessive sweating.


“Apocrine sweat” is the name for sweating from stress which is quite common. It has a different flavor than the usual sweat.



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