What does your butt say about your health!


The size and the shape of your butt can say a lot about your health. The fat is stored in the butt and it can be a sign of high cholesterol levels, high sugar levels, and hormone imbalance.

If you want to reduce the risk of some diseases, then you should exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet. Here are the best exercises according to the shape of your butt and what does it say about your health.

  • Square butt

People with this type of butt have fat stores on the hips and love handles. Core and glute exercises are the best choices for them.

  • Round type

This is a nice and healthy butt. The fat stores are at the top of the glute.

  • Heart shaped

Most of the people want to have this type of butt, round and full but as the person ages, it can be slimmed and not so way up.

  • V-shaped

A common shape for older people because the fat stores are up due to less estrogen. If you want to improve its shape you should exercise regularly.

Watch this video and see what are the best exercises for your butt shape:

Source: organicfoodmedicine.com


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