Get rid of the extra weight and back fat in 90 days!


A lot of people have a problem with back fat. It is very difficult to remove it and it needs some really strict diets or extreme exercises.

So, today we are going to present you a very easy solution that will help you with your struggle and you will be able to lose the extra weight and the back fat in only 90 days.

If you follow this regime you will definitely succeed but you need to be patient and follow the regime for three months.

Keep in mind that every exercise is one minute and you need to make a 45-second break between every round

First day – 4 rounds, Reverse Fly – beginner level

Second day – 4 rounds, Standing Twist – beginner level

Third day – 4 rounds, Alternating Superman – beginner level

Fourth day – yoga or rest

Fifth day – 4 rounds, Seal jumping jacks – beginner level

Sixth day – Bent-over dumbbell rows with a twist

Seventh day – rest

The rest is very important because your body needs to recover.







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