With only 12 minutes per day you will have irresistible legs!


It isn’t easy to get into shape; we must try if we want to have perfectly toned up legs. So, today we are going to present you some exercises and diet advice that will help you to reduce your weight and to tone up your legs.

  • You should regulate the intake of calories
  • You should exercise regularly
  • You should drink a lot of water

There are some exercises that you can easily do at your home. They are great for your legs and you will need only 12 minutes per day. In only 7 days you will notice some results and you will have reduced thighs and hips.

You must be persistent and you will definitely succeed with these exercises.

  • 30 sec. – Plie squats

Stand with the toes faced out and the knees opened. Move down with your hips and return to the beginning position.

  • 30 sec. each side – Side lunge

Try standing and coming out to one side while your knees are bent. Repeat this with one leg for 30 sec. and then switch sides. The knee shouldn’t be too far over the ankle.

  • 60 sec. – Squat and kick

Place yourself in a squat position and kick it out with the right leg and then the left one. Kick as high as you can.

  • 30 sec. – Skater hops

Try doing skater hops as the skaters move forward with one leg back across from side to side.

  • 30 sec. each side – Inner leg lift

Lie down on the right side and support the weight with the right elbow. Lift the right leg up and down. Repeat 30 sec. and then switch sides. You shouldn’t touch the floor with your feet.

  • 30 sec. each side in both directions – Leg circles

Stay in the same position as the previous exercise and rotate the upper leg in circles while your arm rests on the waist. Repeat 30 sec. and the switch sides.

  • 30 sec. each side – Outer leg lift

While you are in the same position place your top up into a plank and try lifting up the upper leg. If plank is difficult for you, put the bottom leg on the ground and your knee bent and lift up the upper leg.

  • 30 sec. – Fire hydrants

Place yourself in a position on all fours and the knees close to one another. Lift the right knee on the side and balance with your left knee. Repeat on the other side too.

  • 30 sec. – Fire hydrant kick

While in the same position kick the right leg out for 30 sec. and then the left one for 30 sec. too.

Watch the video below:

source: timefornaturalhealthcare.com

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