Put a clothespin on your ears for 5 seconds. The results will be amazing!


There are some days in our life that we feel pain, or we are simply tired. But you can stimulate the organs to work better and to help you feel better.

Today we are going to present you a natural and unconventional method that will give you an immediate relief.

Clothespins on your ears

A famous reflexologist says that the ears are ending points for many nerve endings connected to the nervous system. There are 6 spots which are connected to certain body organs.

  • The upper part of your ear

This part is related to the shoulders and back. If you apply some pressure on this point the tension in your shoulders and back will be gone.

  • The top of your ear’s curve

This point is related to your organs. Apply a clothespin on this part of your ear and the discomfort will be gone.

  • The upper middle part of your ear

If you are experiencing some joint pain or stiffness you should apply some pressure on this point because it is related to your joints.

  • The lower middle part of your ear

If you have problems with your throat and sinuses, then this is the right point to apply pressure.

  • Above your earlobe

This is the point on which you should apply some pressure if you have problems with indigestion and stomach pain.

  • The earlobe

If you have headaches and migraines, then you should apply some pressure on your earlobe. You will definitely feel better.

Source: healthylifealways.org

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