Farmed salmon isn’t as healthy as we think!

Salmon is a great fish that is known for its health benefits. It is usually red or pink and people think that the red one in the markets is healthier than the pink one. But, that is not true! Producers are using colors in order to make it more attractive for buyers.

Why is it red?

Complex sea plants, algae, and seaweed contain astaxanthin, a mighty antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains red carotenoids and that is the reason why the salmon is pink-reddish in color. The farmed salmon is fed with pellets and some other harmful foods while the wild one feeds on planktons and weeds rich in astaxanthin.

Farmed vs. wild salmon

Toxic pollutants

The main difference between these two kinds is their diet. The farmed one is fed with pallets which contain many toxic pollutants. Some studies have also shown that they are associated with many health issues.

Nutritional content

The nutritional content differs greatly. The wild salmon has 8 times more vitamin D than the farmed one. The same applies to other nutrients as well. The farmed one contains mercury which is very harmful and is linked to many illnesses.


The farmed salmon has also been linked to higher risk of cancer. There are many carcinogens present in it.


Farmed salmon is kept in closed ponds which are prone to bacteria. This is the reason why are use many types of antibiotics. But these antibiotics are consumed later by the people.

The best wild types of salmons are pacific coho salmon, chinook salmon, and sockeye salmon. They are rich in vitamin D and omega 3 but have in mind that they are much more expensive.

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