Get rid of the furrow, glabella, and frown lines on your forehead!


The first wrinkles that appear on our face are the glabella lines on the forehead. They make us look older and angry. One way to remove them is Botox. It is a common treatment that many people especially women use. It will make you look younger and your skin smoother and after a while they will reappear again but they will be less visible.

Another solution is to train your muscles. This will keep your muscles relaxed and your wrinkles will be less visible. This is one of the best and popular advice for reducing the wrinkles.

One lady has invited her own remedy for removing the wrinkles. She was inspired by derma rollers which stimulate the production of elastin and collagen and it renews itself.

Everything that you need is a sharp sterilized sewing needle and your face have to be clean and without any makeup. Puncture your wrinkles more times but don’t go too deep. After the procedure apply some serum and moisturizer because then it will absorb the most. Do this procedure before you go to bed because your forehead will be red and wear a sun cream the next day.

She repeated this few times a week for a month and then nothing for more months. Her wrinkles were less visible almost gone and the result was permanent. But everyone’s skin is different so a person should decide for himself if this treatment will be better to use once per month or few times per week.

Even for derma rollers people have divided opinions, some think that it should be used once per month so the skin has the chance to renew itself while others think it should be used a few times a week and then make a longer pause.

Here are some videos that will give you a better perspective on the procedure and the alternative to Botox.

Here is a video on how to do the needling on your forehead and some other videos.


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