2 completely natural remedies for hemorrhoids!


Hemorrhoids can be very painful but many people feel uncomfortable to talk about them. They usually worsen after a delivery or constipation.

This is a story about a woman who suffered from serious hemorrhoids after she delivered her baby. After that she had them removed with a rubber band ligation and she said that it was the most painful thing she had ever experienced. Then she eliminated dairy from her diet and her hemorrhoids became rare.

After some time, she went to Disney World with her family for 4 days. She didn’t have bowel movements during those 4 days and felt very uncomfortable and full. She tried to go to the bathroom but it is the worst thing for people suffering from hemorrhoids. The next day her hemorrhoids were huge and nothing has helped.

She tried to find something on the net and discovered that apple cider vinegar has helped some people. Some of them have sat in a bath with diluted ACV while other applied it directly with a cotton ball on the hemorrhoids.

Another post she read, was that some essential oil can help with the painful hemorrhoids. And She ordered this homeopathic home-made remedy made from essential oils.

How she cured her hemorrhoids?

She made a sitz bath with 1 cup of raw ACV, 2/3 cup of Epsom salt, 15 drops of each geranium, lavender and chamomile oils. Then she tried the same thing but in her bathtub and she felt much better.

After that she soaked a cotton ball in ACV and applied it directly on the hemorrhoids and her pain was gone. First, she applied the cotton ball for 5 minutes and then she increased to 15.

After the second day she stopped with the apple cider vinegar and continued with the homeopathic oil. After only three days her pain was almost gone.

How to prevent from happening again?

You should always take magnesium supplements and to eat healthy foods rich in fibers.

So, try this and you won’t regret.

Source: naturallyloriel.com

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