I DARE You to Drink This for 3 Days, and Let Me Know What Happens to Scale


Drink this amazing recipe for three days, cleanse your body and lose some weight. You will be amazed by the results.


  • Maple syrup (1-2 tsp.)
  • Lemon oil (1-2 drops)
  • Cayenne pepper (1/4 tsp.)
  • Apple cider vinegar (1-2 tsp.)
  • Water (1000 ml.)


Mix all the ingredients together and your drink is ready for consumption. The best is to use water at a room temperature.

Drink this mixture three times per day before every meal, three days in a row.

You can substitute the lemon oil with some fresh lemon juice – from ½ a lemon. Or you can use grapefruit essential oil.

Why is this mixture so great?

The ACV contains pectin which has the ability to suppress your appetite and you will feel full for longer periods of time.

The lemon oil and the cayenne pepper will boost your digestion.

Try this and you won’t regret!

Source: fireupfitness.com


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