Use ice to destroy the fat deposits on your stomach!


A lot of people have fat deposits, especially, on their stomach. It isn’t easy to remove it but it looks unattractive and it also increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

There are two types of fat in the human body, brown and white. The fat around the stomach is white and if it is exposed to cold for a longer period of time, it turns into brown which is easier to remove.

This treatment is known as thermogenesis.

You stay in a room with a temperature between 10-15 0C, this is also known as moderate thermogenesis while intensive thermogenesis includes wearing trousers and vests with ice packs.

Ice therapy for fat burning

If you are using ice burning, exercise, and a healthy diet you can improve the fat burning by 300%. This is scientifically proven even in astronauts who are at a temperature of 15 0C. Their metabolism has increased by 20%.

Freezing fat cells in the targeted areas

Only by placing ice coating for 60 minutes per day on the targeted areas can increase the process of fat burning and it will be ejected by the metabolism.

How to apply ice packs?

Put the ice in a thin cloth and apply it on the affected areas. Leave it for 30-60 minutes and repeat the treatment in 12 days. Be careful of frostbite and raise it from time to time.


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